Natural Make Up for Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is an asset. Though, to be beautiful is not expensive. It is all free. It is all owned by all women in the world. However, still, there are many people out there associate beauty with a thick make up on women’s face, and of course expensive. This stereotype is not true, at all if it might be added. Looking beautiful does not always mean applying thick make up. Actually, natural beauty comes from insides. So, how to be beautiful with no make-up? Here are some useful tips to have a natural beauty without makeup.

Mineral Water & Inside Cleansing

Mineral water contains important substance for natural beauty to clean face skin, gut, and other internal organs. Mineral water clears toxic in each part of your body naturally. By drinking mineral water routinely, your body will be hydrated well. Besides that, your skin will look clean, fresh, and young. This is safe to say that mineral water can be one of solutions for cleansing. When your internal organs well-functioned, healthy, and normal, they will work together maximally and it will have a positive impact to your skin. One of natural beauty tips for this cleansing might be about consuming warm lemonade water and honey every morning. It is really effective to cleanse body inside.

Enough Breathe for Your Skin

Natural beauty treatment can be started by letting your skin breath. Applying thick make up constantly will only cause your skin to hardly breathe. It will also lead to some problems like aging and acne. That is why you need to consider on limiting the use of make-up overly every day, if you are sure to have a natural beauty. Besides that, washing your face also determines the free of your skin to breath. Do not ever try to apply a hard soap, containing too much odors and falsified ingredients. Do not wash your face often, because it will have a loss of moist. You can do it twice a day, morning and night. Aloe-Vera and turmeric are worth a shot for your natural beauty treatment.